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Known simply as "The Garage", this ministry which began in 2005, continues to help the at-risk or fringe youth in Wadsworth. Through club meetings, hang out time and mentoring, we encourage them to think critically about their life choices and matters of faith. Our desire is that they find freedom and purpose through a daily walk with Jesus.  We are a ministry site of Youth For Christ of Northern Ohio.

Upcoming Events
Garage Clubs in Full Swing for 2018/19!

That's right!!  All Garage clubs have started back up!  Our kids are excited to be back.  We are noticing a lot of new faces.  And a few new ministries have recently kicked off as well.  Please see our Ministries and How to Help for ways that you can become involved!




2018 in review...
Some quotes from
our teens

"The more i come to the garage the more i feel loved and happy and like there is hope.. ive never really believed in god cuz i have never gone to church but I’m slowly starting to believe."
- Current GarageHS Teen


"Happy birthday! Thank you for all the love and effort you've invested into myself and my siblings. You are truly a wonderful man. And i am proud to call you my friend."
- Former Garage Guy


"I remember one day I was really very down and I felt the need to talk to someone but I didn't have anyone to talk to about what I was feeling. There was something in me that told me to message you - and you were so open to pray for me and to encourage me. I have seen everything God has done through you and it is awesome.  God is awesome."

- Former Garage Gal

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You can help! We are supported by charitable donations and donated items. Please check out our support page.


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What does it take for this teen, in this place, at this time, to meet Jesus?

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